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Aug. 15th, 2007

rain bow

If This is Goodbye



My famous last words
Are laying around in tatters
Sounding absurd
Whatever I try
But I love you
And that's all that really matters
If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye

[Mark Knopfler, If This is Goodbye]


It's been six and a half years

Since the Eighth of December, Two Thousand

My Livejournal will always remain a part of my life

The friends, the memories, the hundred poems


The journey is not yet over

Take my hand, Turn the bend


Aug. 12th, 2007

rain bow


Started my guitar classes at home with 5 students.

Aug. 9th, 2007

rain bow

Photos from the UnBand Collective

Enjoy the slideshow or click on the photo to get the still from PicasaWeb.

Videos are on TechBangalore, thanks to Prashanth.

Photos have been whacked from flickr pages of vinu, venkat, jace, aanjhan, kuchi309 ...thanks all..and thanks if I missed someone's name. (I buy you a treat)

Aug. 4th, 2007

rain bow

Am I cute or what !



Disney guidelines on what constitutes cuteness.
I love the bit on "looks well-fed"; weight-watchers & tummy-tuckers just went out of business !

Aug. 1st, 2007

rain bow

An artist friend imagines my CD cover


Click on the photo for a better version.
Photo by LightRipper

Jul. 30th, 2007

rain bow

Molecular Imaging

It is great to work for a company that let's you put yourself on its promo material.



If you go to this website and click on Applications > CardIQ Physio .. that's the product I am building with my team.

Jul. 27th, 2007

rain bow

Her First Program



Maui, my daughter, wrote her first working program today. She is about 3 and a half.


I had to help her with the puts. The rest is her's.

I told her that you have to "tell" the computer to show your name, so she started speaking her name loudly, lunging towards the LCD display of my laptop.

Jul. 20th, 2007

rain bow

Barcamp Bangalore 4: Collectively Yours


Bangalore is a fascinating city. BCB4 is happening on 28th and 29th of this month at the Indian Institute of Management.


The Barcamp out here is spectacular for at least three reasons.

  1. big

    With over 600 registrants at BCB3 in March/April, this is the largest Barcamp in the word. And if you talk to the people who make it happen, they will, in classical duality-of-life style, tell you that quality rules over quantity.
  2. times

    Organising anything of this size is rope-climbing tough. And doing that once a quarter. Oh my God. And that too, when there is no direct monetary profit to be reaped. I am neither an economist nor a sociologist (And never wanted to be), but this calls for some serious introspection into human behaviour.
  3. new

    Bangalore takes the definition of an unconference to a new level. When the definition of unconference itself was starting to gather a cruddy layer of formality -- the same new Ajax, Web 2.0, ROR, Bangalore just tore the definitions with BCB3: SocialTech. And this time around, BCB4: Collectives. Whether you like it or not, whether you like your screens in "Beta" sauce or "Classic", doesn't matter; you have to raise your hat to this communities immense momentum to initiate, drive and execute new untested ideas. There are, like in all such situations, a few thought-leaders, and I wont embarrass them by calling out their name, but to drive these ideas through a jungle of a thousand techies (who by design are themselves anti-authoritative, anti-norm), needs a different kind of drive.



For those who have not seen the definition or are just wondering whether this has something to do with the paradigm of Java Collections, fear not. It has a simpler name -- BoF - Birds of a Feather. In any conference, you are likely to find small groups of people sticking together and discussing their own personal sweet thing. Could be a passion, could be a problem-of-the day.

Collectives are just that. You get together around a topic or domain and have fun. Two days of camaraderie (oh that's one more thing.. I do not think any Barcamp comes in a two day package).

There are collective around

  • core interests: Internet, Ruby, Python, Ajax -- the works
  • classical stuff : Compiler design, functional programming, memory overflows
  • offbeat stuff: Bicycling in Bangalore, Music (jam/clinics)

And yes, there is also a "Bored of Collectives" collective.

Complete List


Hack Night

Two nights of unbound fun. What more do I say ? I like this a lot, at times I felt that the last three Barcamps was more on the "say" side of the say:do ratio.



 As far as I recall, siddhartha came up with this idea to have this at BCB4. Here are more details.


In all, I am looking forward to this. I will have my usual baby-sitting duties on Saturday, so will be in late. Build new ties, renew old ones, and oh, I am doing a guitar clinic, to answer "all the questions your ever wanted to ask about guitars but found no one with short enough hair".

Jul. 18th, 2007

rain bow

The Unknown River Band

I put up my recent recordings on SoundClick. Feel free to download and listen to some songs. These were mostly recorded earlier this year and form a part of an "album" that I call Rockstar Parking.

Jul. 8th, 2007

rain bow

Kill To Get Crimson


The news has been out for quite some time and I, as usual, one of the last people to know.

Mark Knopfler is releasing his next solo album, KTGC on September 17.

The track list has been released. What tasteful names -- each one a poem in their own right !


  1. True Love Will Never Fade - 4:21
  2. The Scaffolder’s Wife - 3:52
  3. The Fizzy And The Still - 4:07
  4. Heart Full Of Holes - 6:36
  5. We Can Get Wild - 4:17
  6. Secondary Waltz - 3:43
  7. Punish The Monkey - 4:36
  8. Let It All Go - 5:17
  9. Behind With The Rent - 4:46
  10. The Fish And The Bird - 3:45
  11. Madame Geneva’s - 3:59
  12. In The Sky - 7:29

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