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rain bow


If I were to write a poem about a website, I think this would be one of the top contenders.

Prescription4Love is a website that professes to be the dating website for people with special conditions such as obesity, STD (including HIV), cancer and infertility/impotence. Often, apart from being a physical challenge, these conditions elevate themselves to becoming a social nausea.

Online dating is a big business, drawing about 4 million U.S. Internet users daily in June 2006 (and 25 million monthly), and they spend a daily average of nearly 17 minutes each on these sites [source TechCrunch]. Be it for money, be it for love, nice to see some people looking at it from a different angle.

To get a feel, I would strongly recommend a peep at the Search page.



From Prescription4Love

What a nice thing to say about the website. Below is the press release. Followed by a letter explaining why this website was developed. Prescription4Love.Com is an online dating service specializing in special health conditions, Cancer, Diabetes, IBS, Obesity, Deafness, Allergies, Hepatitis, Infertility/Impotence, etc., including STD conditions. These days, many people are seeking others online and consequently, specialized alternative dating services have emerged. Dating with an STD can be awkward, especially when it comes time to divulge your situation, so an online service such as Prescription4Love.com is there to help. According to Ricky Durham the President of Prescription4Love.com, “Finding others with similar circumstances is a natural desire for everyone. Honesty is important, but finding an opportunity to mention such subjects can be difficult. By using Prescription4Love.com, you can be honest in advance and progress to the next stages of friendships and relationships.” Prescription4Love.com plans to be a free service for a limited time to build its customer base. At that time, new users will be offered a low monthly fee, a portion of which will be given to a charity for each condition. ### This website was thought up several years ago because my brother had Crohns Disease (under IBS). At times he could weigh between 75 lb. to 125 lb. He should of weighed 150 lb. He also had a Colostomy Bag. It was hard for him to disclose his disease to anyone. But it was really hard for him to tell someone he had a colostomy bag, when do you tell someone that you want to date that you have a colostomy bag….. the first time you meet, the first date, the second? So I thought if he met someone at a website where everyone had the same condition there would be nothing to disclose. He passed away July 15, 2004,(http://www.mem.com/display/biography.asp?ID=517377) back then the website was in the developmental stage but he liked the idea. As we were developing the website it came to my attention the different people around me who had different conditions that might want to use my website for friendship or love. We put in 11 conditions to start, thinking we could add more later. Some of the conditions were added just because I knew someone who had that condition, and maybe their diet led me to add them. Another friend was deaf and suggested that also should be added to the website. Its an idea thought up for my brother, progressed to other people who had certain conditions, to better their lives through friendship or love. Ricky Durham


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